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From our base in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, we are committed to conducting frequent studio visits, and to the promotion of arts venues that find themselves frequently ignored by the Arts Press in both Scotland and the wider UK. Internationally, we also see real potential for a much wider facilitation of new networks in the region of Northern Europe, too. Over the latter part of 2019 and throughout 2020, we will be seeking the develop a robust campaign resource that will address the very real challenges that many artists face in a rapidly changing environment, both geographically and socio-politically.

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While our print magazine enjoys a widespread readership, with subscribers on all continents, approximately 70% of our readers are located in Scotland (or living within the British Isles with a strong feeling of connection with Scotland). Our website and social media profiles extend our reach to a far wider international audience, also, however. That’s why we are pleased to facilitate the use of our online presence to provide a space for ‘Guest Blog Posts’ from artists, craftmakers, or arts professionals who need a vehicle to get the word out.

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On a good day, our combined social media profiles across four platforms has a total reach of around 14,000+ readers (and that’s without promoted posting online). If you want to share your insights on your practice and working life, or maybe want to publicise an event or exhibition to a wide online audience, please do get in touch.