Art North – No.1


Art North – No.1

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Art North No.1 | Spring 2019

Among the artists and makers featured and reviewed in this issue:

Pekka Niittyvirta & Timo Aho; Sophie Morrish; Meg Rodger; Keith McIntyre; Vivian Ross-Smith & Jane Walker; Janette Kerr; Elizabeth Ogilvie; Ellis O’Connor; Nancy Campbell; Jane Rushton; Nicola Murray; Maria Huhmarniemi; Joseph Beuys; Håkan Strand; Andy & Peter Holden; Art Space & Nature; Aslaug M. Juliussen; and Terje Abusdal. + In Brief: Audrey Grant & Norman McBeath; Pamela & Erlend Tait; Cathy Wilkes, Tacita Dean, Tracey Emin & More.

Among the contributors to this issue:

Mel Gooding, Ian McKay, David Lee, Matthew Hollett, Maria Paldanius, Bo Gorzelak Pedersen, Alex Boyd, Ian Stephen, André Gali, Sanda Miller, Murdo Macdonald + a long essay by George Gunn, Kinna Poulsen’s survey of Faroese Art, and Deirdre Kelly on Artists’ Books and the history of the Hardware Gallery.