ART NORTH is a new quarterly visual arts magazine with a primary focus on Scotland and the Far North. Our principle aim is to build upon and strengthen the connections that exist between Scotland and her Nordic and Scandinavian neighbours, as well as the island territories of the North Atlantic, too. If ART NORTH is about anything it is about presenting the visual arts and crafts of the north in the truly international context that they deserve, and stimulating interest in the very best work being made today at the most northerly of European latitudes.

ART NORTH has been founded precisely to act as a point of contact via which a range of artistic and critical voices can come together and be heard, thus serving as a meaningful conduit for the outward flow of information about all that there is to celebrate about our arts from ‘the margins’. To achieve the broadest possible coverage of the arts and crafts that we report on, our team of writers and critics (located in twelve countries) has been assembled to fully represent even the remotest of locations – from Fair Isle to the Faroe Islands, Tromsø to Tiree.

In ART NORTH you will find a thoughtful balance of feature articles, reviews and special reports, alongside up-to-the-minute international arts news. Each issue of the magazine also includes an in-depth report from a location that we feel is deserving of broader coverage than it may currently enjoy, too. Make no mistake, though, ART NORTH may be committed to promoting the arts of the Far North, but our mission is not to be provincial or parochial in outlook. Far from it. Our objective is to facilitate an informed understanding of the visual arts in their truly European context, which is why we operate out of Finland in the east, and from Tórshavn and Reykjavik to the west.


  • IN BRIEF (recent arts news with an emphasis on brevity)

  • OPINION (forthright commentary on visual arts issues of the day)

  • IN THE STUDIO (artists speaking from, or about, the space in which they work)

  • PROFILE (a regular interview with an artist or craftmaker with something to say)

  • SURVEY ARTICLES (throwing light on the visual arts and how we got to where we are now)

  • PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS (including insightful reviews, interviews and articles about the lens-based arts)

  • EXHIBITION REVIEWS (with many of our features commissioned to coincide with exhibitions, also)

  • BOOK REVIEWS (highlighting a wide range of art publications covering a variety of subjects)

  • ARTISTS’ BOOKS (given their own place in the magazine due to the special status of that art form)

While there is much to be said for the topics listed above, the real strength of ART NORTH is in the features we commission, however, and not just from the magazine’s time-served critics but from writers, poets, novelists and musicians who we carefully pair with individual artists, current exhibitions, or matters affecting the contemporary visual arts and crafts. Above all, ART NORTH is about encouraging ‘new takes’, surprising angles and analyses, or maybe the unexpected meeting of minds, with the visual arts and crafts at the very heart of those encounters.