Føroysk list vakt ans uttanlands

Turin Justinussen’s article in the Faroese daily newspaper Dimmalættoing highlights the work of author, critic, and curator Kinna Poulsen, who was recently confirmed as our ‘Contributing Editor (International)’. Forgive us, please, but here in the Art North office our Faroese isn't too good, and so we can’t translate the article in its entirety, but very kindly, Turin has provided the following précis, which we’re told reads:

Globalisation has established the Faroe Islands as a popular travel destination and now Faroese art has also drawn attention to itself. [Art North] will focus on the art from the northernmost part of the Nordic countries and is therefore particularly focused on the small Faroe Islands […] This is the first time the Faroe Islands are a part of an international art magazine, but moreover, this is also the first time Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland are being represented together in such a magazine.

A kind mention ahead of the publication of our first issue this coming spring, and one that we are hugely appreciative of. Thank you.