Inverness Darkroom

Inverness Darkroom is a new community b/w darkroom space setup in WASPS Inverness Creative Academy. “WASPS have done us proud with a fabulous space,” say Matt Sillars and Rachel Fermi who are behind the project. The thinking behind the initiative is to provide year-round darkroom access for members; regular analogue photography workshops; and, hopefully, become a self-sustaining visual arts space, too. Facilities include six enlarger bays with Durst and LPL enlargers from 35mm to medium and large format negatives, as well as two enlarger bays for specialised enlargers. 

Photo: Lesley Antrobus‎ - The Inverness Darkroom Facebook group

Set up as a membership service, members provide their own film and print chemicals, with the Darkroom advising on use of chemicals, film and paper, and where to buy them. For use of these facilities, the annual membership fee is £96 for the first year, paid annually (or in quarterly instalments).

A month-long pass can also be purchased for £40, while members may reserve individual enlarger workstations online, payment being made via PayPal or bank transfer. New member induction will be required for a one-off fee of £10 (waived for those who have taken an Introduction previously) to ensure health and safety and that basic operating procedures are adhered to.

Run by volunteers, all equipment and furnishings have been donated, and membership and workshop fees are the only source of revenue that will fund the space. It’s a big undertaking, but first signs are that is is proving a hugely popular resource for not just
Inverness but the wider area.

As Sillars and Fermi sum it up: “the darkroom is a purpose-built space that will reinvigorate film photography in the Inverness area, introducing beginners to the fun and magic of processing and printing their first images, as well as a resource for more advanced photographers.”