CuratorSpace was built as a platform to help art organisations manage their open calls – everything from exhibitions and residencies through to commissions and competitions. Since then it has also become the first port of call for thousands of artists looking for opportunities at all stages of their career.

Founded four years ago by artist-curator Louise Atkinson and web developer Philip Bennison, the platform has hosted an astounding number of arts opportunities in over forty-five countries, and has over 27,000 registered members. “We promised ourselves from the beginning that we would never charge artists to apply using CuratorSpace,” says co-founder Louise. “While some organisations may charge a submission fee, CuratorSpace is free for artists to use and there’s always something interesting or challenging to apply for on the site.”


Currently, CuratorSpace has over 70 opportunities and these are constantly changing. One way to stay on top of what open calls are available on CuratorSpace is to sign up for their newsletter – either by registering on the site or entering your email address through the signup form. If opportunities are what you are in search of, alternatively users can browse the open calls that are listed publicly. But this is just the beginning for CuratorSpace.

As an online arts opportunities hub, CuratorSpace is already starting to offer additional subscriptions in order to develop their service to support artists at all levels in developing their careers. As Louise explains, “In 2017 we launched our Artist subscription which gave artists the ability to build a profile on the CuratorSpace website, allowing curators to search artist profiles and invite them to apply to their opportunities. It also let artists apply for our quarterly arts micro-bursary.”

CuratorSpace are moving forward proactively with some imaginative solutions for artists too. As Louise highlights, “this year we launched our public and product liability insurance as part of our new Artist Plus subscription. For just £35 per annum, artists get all the benefits of the Artist subscription with the added benefit of £5 million PPL insurance.” Affordable liability insurance for artists? Now there’s a thought!

If you’re a curator or arts organiser who wants an easier way to connect with artists and manage applications then so take a look at CuratorSpace and the benefits the service offers. The first open call is free, so there’s nothing to lose, after all. On the other hand, if you’re an artist trying to build your practice, then why not head over and take a look at the opportunities listed on the site?


Illustration: The Kelpies Illustration Prize 2019

Are you an artist or illustrator based in Scotland? Do you have a passion for kids books? Then the Kelpies Illustration Prize may be for you. The Kelpies publishing imprint is part of the independent publishing company Floris Books, based in Edinburgh, and Floris is the largest publisher of children’s books in Scotland. Among their acquisitions is the original Kelpies list, which included books from classic Scottish authors such as Kathleen Fidler, George Mackay Brown and Mollie Hunter.

Floris are currently awaiting submissions for their Kelpies Illustration Prize, asking illustrators to submit five illustrations for a children’s book on the theme of fables. The judges will be looking for imaginative interpretations, dynamic compositions and fully realised characters – both human and animal. You might find inspiration from existing fables from around the world, or new fables that you’ve created.

As it states on their website, writers are also sought too: “We’re looking for emerging writers and illustrators who are committed to developing their skills and creating quality books for children. The prize package includes a year of mentoring with an experienced editorial or design team, a publishing contract, and £1,000 cash, keep reading! We believe that the best talent Scotland has to offer needs nurturing and development in order to reach its full potential. That’s why we’ve created a new prize package for both our writing and illustration prizes to help you become the best you can be!

  • A £1,000 cash prize

  • One year of mentoring by an experienced editorial or design team

  • A publishing contract with Floris Books for a book or illustrated project

  • A week-long writing retreat at Moniack Mhor (Kelpies Prize)

  • A ticket to the Picture Hooks 2019 conference (Kelpies Illustration Prize)

Deadline 28 February 2019