Arctic Arts Summit 2019

The Arctic Arts Summit 2019 (the second of its kind, under the theme The Arctic as a Laboratory for sustainable art and cultural policy) will take place in the city of Rovaniemi, Finland, 3 - 5 June 2019. 

Following the inaugural Arctic Arts Summit (held in Harstad, Norway, in 2017) this year’s Arctic Arts Summit focuses upon the Arctic as seen as a 'laboratory' in which sustainable art and cultural policy is developed in collaboration with all of the Arctic countries. The key aim of the Arctic Arts Summit 2019 is to support the arts and cultural sectors in a circumpolar collaboration. Artists and other participants from the arts and cultural policy sector will be in attendance from all of the member countries of the Arctic Council: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, the Russian Federation, Sweden and the United States. The indigenous art and cultural policy as well as interdisciplinary research on the impact of the art and culture are essential themes of the Summit.

The Arctic Arts Summit 2019 will be enriched with several exhibitions, concerts, performances and workshops, with the most significant one, the Young Arctic Artists Exhibition, being an international collaboration taking place for a third time in the city of Rovaniemi. This year’s edition presents young artists under the age of 35yrs old from Northern areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada and Russia. The exhibition brings emerging contemporary art to Gallery Napa and Studio Mustanapa (5 June until 31 July), 2019. The opening will take place on Tuesday 4 June at 7.30 pm, ending the second day of the Summit under the theme Policy Day, held at Lappia Hall. During this day, policymakers and stakeholders from cultural sectors throughout the Arctic region will present, analyse and discuss the role of arts and culture in the Arctic. Representatives from the ministries of Arctic countries and keynote speakers will share their vision for the development of Arctic art and culture.

Transmission of Knowledge is this year’s theme of the ‘Young Arctic Artists’ exhibition; the three year project dedicated to create networks between young artists, curators and art producers living in the northern Arctic region. The artists’ works address the common theme of Transmission of Knowledge in a variety of ways. Some of the works have a starting point located in the core knowledge of Northern peoples, and the selected works explore the questions of time; before and after us. What do we know about it? In what quantity does our family or inheritance store the memory, memories and knowledge?

Laura Heuberger, In Silico, 2017 (2-channel digital video, 11').

The exhibition is managed by the Artists' Association of Lapland and co-curated by media-artists Ninni Korkalo (Finland) and Panu Johansson (Finland). The project is funded by the Nordic Culture Fund, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland – The Regional Office of Lapland, and the Artists' Association of Lapland.

The selected artists for this year are: Jordan Bennet (Mi’kmaq- Stephenville Crossing Ktaqamkuk, Newfoundland, Canada), Laura Heuberger (Sweden), Oleg Khadartsev & Sergey Kislov (Russia), Sanna Korteniemi (Finland), Marjo Pernu (Finland), Guro Rex (Sweden), Elina Waage Mikalsen (Sápmi, Norway).

Before and after the Summit, significant academic and cultural events are also taking place; The Cumulus conference “Around the Campfire - Resilience and Intelligence" (27 May – 1 June 2019) invites visitors to discuss the themes of resilience and intelligence. Following the Summit, The Silence Festival gathers the most interesting performances and artists from the fields of contemporary circus and music to Kaukonen village (6 June – 9 June). The Midnight Sun Film Festival, meanwhile, is an annual five-day film festival in Sodankylä (12 June - 16 June). We look forward to welcoming you to Rovaniemi and to the networking event of the second Arctic Arts Summit 2019!

Maria Huhmarniemi (Arctic Arts Summit 2019 Project manager)
Moira Douranou (Communication Designer)