John Hilliard – TateShots

A couple of days ago, we highlighted a few images from the exhibition 'Scotland's Far North', at Thurso Art Gallery, and noted that it's good to see the work of photographers Chick Chalmers, Tom Kidd, and Glynn Satterley presented in such a way that we are encouraged to view their work in terms of it being a tactile art, and not purely visual. Toby Amies's short film for the Tate on the conceptual artist John Hillard offers a succinct appraisal of just what a tactile art it really is for some artists, regardless of whether they work digitally or not.

Conceptual artist John Hilliard's artwork explores the technical and sculptural nature of photography. In this studio visit with English conceptual artist John Hilliard we learn about his meticulous process for his photography pieces. Beginning with rough sketches and allowing for experimentation Hilliard has placed an examination of photography's use of 'time and light' at the very centre of his practice.