Handmade Future on the Bonavista Peninsula


‘Craft @ the Edge: A Handmade Future’ is a four day international conference designed to celebrate, energise and inspire Newfoundland and Labrador craft in all mediums. Scheduled to happen on the Bonavista Peninsula from 1-4 October, 2020, the conference will include engaging teaching sessions, artist talks, professional development workshops, pop-up markets and exhibitions. The organisers are currently looking for instructors willing to introduce new and advanced practices to their community of makers, from national and international sources.

  • Are you using innovative technologies and groundbreaking design in your craft production?

  • Have you developed forward-thinking marketing strategies to sell your work?

  • Do you value experimentation in your use of material, style and technique?

Become an instructor at Craft @ the Edge: A Handmade Future by proposing your idea for a creative workshop. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15 APRIL 2019, 17:00hrs. Visit the Craft @ the Edge website  for the proposal submission guide.