James Fairgrieve's Seasons

Entering its final week at Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, is James Fairgrieve's Seasons. Having exhibited at the Open Eye Gallery for over twenty years, in his current exhibition Fairgrieve reflects on the theme of the changing seasons in an exhibition exemplifying the ideas and subjects that have embodied his paintings throughout his long career. Apt that, with today being the first day of Autumn, this reminder is posted.

James Fairgrieve ,  Feather Map II  , Acrylic on gesso on canvas 76 x 81 cm

James Fairgrieve, Feather Map II , Acrylic on gesso on canvas 76 x 81 cm

Fairgrieve’s distinctive still lifes derive from his interest in collecting and studying objects from the natural world. Reflecting on his outdoor pursuits, this particular body of work is a homage to his quiet life in the countryside, in and around his home near Duns in the Scottish Borders. Using ephemera gathered on long walks, Fairgrieve scours the land, river banks and beaches for discarded wood, boxes, stones, bricks and feathers which he uses to make fishing flies. The fruit and vegetables depicted in his paintings (here) are mostly from his own garden.

James Fairgrieve RSA RSW

Until 30 September 2019

Open Eye Gallery
34 Abercromby Place
Edinburgh EH3 6QE

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