Latest Editorial from Art North No.3

With Art North No.3 published today, I have put my latest Editorial online, flagging up a few specific areas of interest and the interconnectedness of articles in the current issue.


As the latest Editorial begins: “if there is a prevailing theme that runs through this issue of Art North, it is about how we write history (and thus, to an extent, how we write our future too, for both are obviously linked in many ways). Historian Simon Schama’s book Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution (1994) is, I believe, an exemplar in the writing of what we refer to as ‘history’, for it is there that he so skilfully interweaves the ‘process’ of the Revolution with the much smaller and far more obscure personal (hi)stories that often go unnoticed or are all-too-often erased from the greater historical record that prevails. The writing of art’s history should be no different if it is in the more intimate stories that we often find the true indicators of what events really mean at the time they occur, and so documenting these smaller, more intimate stories is, in my own view, crucial.”

Read the entire Editorial here.