Scottish Sculptors of the Far North, we need you!

Arts impresario and promoter Richard Demarco CBE is set to tell a special conference that Scottish sculpture is “under-celebrated and faces a daunting future” when he speaks alongside artists, curators, auctioneers, dealers, collectors and arts enthusiasts at the mid-18th century Palladian mansion in the Borders, Marchmont House, on 21 September.

Here is a story of two Scotlands, however. While Demarco and Co. will shine a light on the lives and careers of “inspiring artists from Eduardo Paolozzi, William Turnbull, and Gerald Laing” to more “locally-based figures such as Tim Stead, Rory Mcewen, Charlie Poulsen and Keith McCarter”, sculpture in the Far Northern Highlands, as well as the Northern and Western Isles, still remains woefully under-represented.

If you are a sculptor in the Far North we want to see better recognition and coverage of your work. While the Borders’ event will offer the chance to see a superb collection of modern and contemporary sculpture from across the UK, some of which has been created at Marchmont House, this is only part of a much wider story that needs to be told. Art North magazine is here to further the exposure of the fine arts of the Far North and we’d like to hear from you.

Richard Demarco will be part of a panel of speakers from public and independent groups discussing how they are supporting the arts in Scotland and what more can be done. Do you feel supported in what you do? What do you think should be done? Tell us your story about making sculpture in the Far North of Scotland. We actively encourage you to get in touch by email so that we can work towards offering you a level of exposure befitting your practice.